Owner. Ideator. Carpenter.

You might be thinking, "what exactly is an urban carpenter?". Imagine a twenty-something lad with a Honda Fit and second floor apartment in Old Ottawa South with an idea to start a business that met the needs of people living in small spaces with large imaginations. Along with my business-savvy wife, that's exactly how I, Aaron, started Your Urban Carpenter.

Our shop is located in the wonderful co-working community of Makerspace North where we have built integral community partnerships with other local makers and businesses.

We love working with individuals as well as small businesses to grow what we believe to be a special little city. My favourite clients are those that enjoy the process as much as the product. So let's put our heads together and make something wonderful for your home or business.



Owner. Brand + Website Manager.

Before joining Your Urban Carpenter full-time, I founded a small branding agency with the goal of helping small businesses & entrepreneurs compete at a higher level with quality branding and marketing practices . Little did I know that when I left said agency I would start another business, with my husband nonetheless. I believe in this brand because it is a complete marriage of Aaron and I. Our living space has always provided us inspiration, comfort, and joy. It's no surprise that we found a shared passion in doing the same for others.

While I only play a supportive role now to to this leading man as advisor and wife, I can proudly say this is the strongest and most authentic brand I've had the pleasure of building.

Visit www.tonivaneeden.com for more about me!