custom furniture

We love Ottawa's small business community. We want to see your unique vision reflected in every aspect of your customers experience. Whether you need a bar counter, stylish seating, or tables that make the best use of your limited space.

shop outfitting

If you read the blurb above and kept nodding your head it probably means you need a complete fit-up! Make your shop Instagram worthy with a custom creative design and, most importantly, proper functionality.



Living in a small apartment? Or an oddly shaped old house in the beautiful downtown? Pre-made sometimes just doesn't work in the space you have. We have helped many clients retain the design of their home without sacrificing space. Get custom shelving, furniture, and finishing with us! We even do the occasional kitchen or basement renovation, so don't be shy! Just ask us!


Decks! Fences! Pergolas! Porches! Aaron has an extensive background in outdoor custom work. See his work here.



Every once in a while a request comes along that just doesn't fit into the traditional definition of carpentry or woodwork. Often our favourite projects, these require special attention and research. Feel free to send us your wild idea and if we can't help you, we will help you find someone who can.


Artisan carpentry & Finishing touches

Saw something on Pinterest that you'd like in your space? Have interesting pieces and parts you want to incorporate into your project? Cheese boards to match those counters we just installed? Wine racks that make creative use of your newly renovated coffee shop? Let's chat!



A Few of Our Clients